It’s summer time and if you’re a homeowner that can only mean one thing – projects! Outdoor, indoor, large, or small, summer is the perfect season to tackle all of those home repairs and new ideas that have been waiting for you. Whether you’re a renowned handyman or just like learning new skills, home improvements can be fun and challenging tasks you can be proud to complete.

No matter what kind of projects you have lined up, Friedman’s has the tools and equipment you need to get the job done with ease and expertise! We carry a large selection of Milwaukee power tools if you’re ready to purchase new one or upgrade your old ones. Everything from saws and routers to power drills and more, Milwaukee tools will make the job go even faster. Power tools take away much of the manual labor part of your home improvement so you can spend you energy elsewhere after the project is completed!

It can be as simple as refreshing the look of your front porch with a few potted plants or as big as building a brand new deck. Whatever projects you have on your schedule, swing on by Friedman’s first for all the Milwaukee power tools you need to get the job done right! Our experts will help you select the best tools and supplies for your projects and offer any helpful advice they may have.