Introducing the brand-new DeWalt Flexvolt™ power tool line


Introducing the brand-new DeWalt Flexvolt™ power tools line – an array of powerful and advanced tools that are completely cordless! Say goodbye to being pinned to outlets and cumbersome workspaces, and say hello to the unmatched portability and incredible freedom a totally cordless jobsite can give you.



  • Total Freedom – Every tool on the DeWalt Flexvolt™ line is powered by the innovative and advanced lithium-ion DeWalt Flexvolt™ 60V batteries – no cord required! This includes large, powerful tools such as the 120V Max 12” Sliding Miter Saw (powered by two Flexvolt™ 60V batteries), giving you unmatched freedom in where, when, and how you work.


  • Backwards Compatibility – The award-winning 20V DeWalt Max tool line is one of the most trusted and recommended brands of power tools, and with the powerful Flexvolt™ 60V batteries, they just got a whole lot better. Using revolutionary new technology, the Flexvolt™ 60V can detect when it is installed on a lower voltage DeWalt Max tool, and automatically switch to that voltage. Using a 60V Flexvolt™ battery with the 20V Max tool line even improves their run time!


  • Maximum Efficiency – Every DeWalt Flexvolt™ tool is specifically engineered for maximum runtime and maximum power. Durable, innovative, and incredibly powerful, DeWalt Flexvolt™ line tools are designed to do the best job, every time, and are GUARANTEED TOUGH®


Get ready to experience a revolutionary new way to work. Experience the power of corded with the freedom of cordless today!

See how the innovative DeWalt Flexvolt™ works here:

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