ATTENTION! All Milgard Doors & Windows are 20% off until August 31

If you’ve been considering upgrading your windows or doors, now is the time. We want to make sure your window shopping goes smoothly, so here are a few things to consider before stepping into the store.

Thermal Efficiency – All Milgard windows are double paned, but they also offer increased thermal efficiency with a low emissivity coating. This tint cuts down visible light transmission & heat up to 34%, which can be a great energy savings for your household. Learn more about Milgard glass here.

Aesthetics – Milgard offers both vinyl and wooden windows. Vinyl gives a home that clean, contemporary look, while wood is more traditional and warm. Wooden windows can be stained or painted.

Milgard’s style series has different color options depending on the style you choose. Drop by the store to see Milgard styles in our new display. Once you pick a style, check out the color options on Milgard’s website or come into the store to see chip samples.

How to Prepare for Purchasing New Windows

Functionality – Consider the functionality of your window. Milgard offers single or double hung windows, in addition to casement (or crank-out) windows. There are lots of options to fit your design and functional needs.

Installation – Depending on your new windows and the construction involved you may need to obtain a permit to meet the Wildland Urban Interface Building Standards (WUIBS).

We highly recommend meeting with your contractor before coming to the store. You contractor will help you to measure and meet code requirements, which will save you time and a headache.

You can also discuss different installation options with your contractor. One of the best installation methods suggested is nail fin. The nail fin is overlapped by your flashing giving you the best wind and water protection. You can also retrofit your windows or use a block frame installation.

Milgard windows are a great product providing increased thermal efficiency in your home and beautiful look inside and out. We know you’ll be happy with the update, and we look forward to seeing you in stores before August 31st to help you with your order.