When it comes to your gas-powered equipment, it’s important to take steps to protect and care for them. Even the type of gas can make a difference in equipment performance. Using the proper gas with the appropriate amount of ethanol will help your tools last longer and work better. Most equipment needs gasoline with less than 10% ethanol. Higher levels of ethanol (E-15, E-20, or E-85) will cause damage to your equipment, such as loss of power, overheating, vapor lock, and premature deterioration of parts. Ideally, you should find fuel with no ethanol, but that can be increasingly hard to find.

Using fresh gas is also key in keeping your tools in good working order. Stale gas can collect water and condensation, causing rust and corrosion when used in your equipment. Buy only enough gas to last you no longer than eight weeks. Adding a fuel stabilizer can add life to your fuel for up to 90 days by blocking additional moisture from mixing into the gas. Only add stabilizer to fresh fuel – nothing will be able to bring stale fuel back to life again! Buying your gas from brand name and high volume stations can also ensure the freshest fuel possible.

Be sure to store your gas in no-spill containers in a dry place. Replace leaky gas cans immediately as they pose a significant safety threat. Dry conditions decrease the amount of condensation and keep the gas pure. Shake the can gently right before each use to be sure gas is mixed properly.

If you don’t plan on using the equipment for a long period of time – thirty days or more – drain the gas from the tool. Forgetting to do so can cause corrosion, deterioration and/or rust from water and fuel left in the system.

Taking care of your outdoor equipment and using the right fuel and fuel stabilizers will keep your tools running great and lasting longer. Remember you can always come into one of our stores to chat with an Expert Advisor to learn more about proper maintenance and product recommendations.