Regular home maintenance helps keep your home in great condition without huge burdens of chores weighing you down. Completing a few simple tasks every month will help get your home in shape while still giving you time to enjoy it! This month, work on your green areas and get ready for warmer temperatures and ample sunshine.

Protect your floors from the brighter summer sun by adding treatments or blinds to your windows. Window films are also available to help block UV rays from coming in, which can help with fading of flooring, carpet, or fabrics. Move your houseplants outside to give them the sunshine they desire. Houseplants outside get the rays they need to continue growing and will reap the benefits of rain so you won’t need to water them as often.

While you’re bringing the inside out, take the time to ensure you’re keeping the outside out, too! Protect your house from pesky insects that want to come inside with an indoor/outdoor barrier. If you have gardens or potted plants, check into plant-specific products that will protect them from bugs that could destroy them without deterring the good bugs you want in your gardens. Insect traps, both for indoor and outdoor use, can help you rid yourself of annoying bugs like fruit flies or Japanese beetles. Not sure what you need? Come on in to discuss your insect issues with a Friedman’s expert and they’ll help you out.

Summer-proofing your lawn now will give you a break during the hotter months and allow you to enjoy the fruits of your early labor. Seed any patchy, dry areas with new grass seed at the beginning of the season to get the green growing as soon as possible. Use a high-quality fertilizer to jump start growth over your entire lawn, ensuring lush green and pest-free lawns all summer long. Water your lawn and gardens in the morning for best results and water conservation, being sure to check city ordinances for any drought-related restrictions. Keeping mower blades high and grass longer will help stimulate growth and lead to healthier soil.

Less than a weekend’s worth of work will help get your home ready for the bright sun and warmer weather! Head over to your local Friedman’s for more summer maintenance tips or to ask the knowledgeable team any questions you have about lawn maintenance or pest control.