Friedman’s was founded in 1946 as a partnership between brothers Benny and Joseph Friedman in Petaluma. The two had jointly saved $4,000 from their Army pay during World War II. Upon returning to the area in which they had grown up, they recognized that the local demand for materials had been difficult to obtain during the war. Through their hard work they grew the business by taking care of customers one at a time, watching costs, and reinvesting their profits back into the company.

Today, Friedman’s honors its founders by proudly sponsoring and donating to many veteran oriented charities and events including the Petaluma Veterans Day Parade, Hope House, COTS, Sonoma County Vet Connect and Petaluma’s Korean War Memorial Monument Fund. Friedman’s supports the local chapters of the Vets Resource Center of America, which focuses on supporting Veterans with homeless prevention and re-housing, employment training and behavioral health treatment.

In honor of Memorial Day, and as we remember our veteran founders, Benny and Joseph Friedman, please join us in placing a flag on our in-store Memorial Walls in remembrance of all those who’ve served in the US Military. We’re grateful for our Veterans’ service.