A little planning and a lot of creativity will go a long way in perfecting your Christmas light display this year. You’ll save time by following a few of our pro tips for lighting your house and yard; creating your display doesn’t have to take days to do. By measuring, choosing the right lights, and strategizing the best way to hang them, you can have this project done in just a day or two – depending on how many lights you use, of course!

Proper measuring will be your best ally. Measure every part of the house or yard you want to hang lights and write it down. Trust us, you’ll forget! If you want to wrap around trees or posts, use string to plan the effect and then measure the length of string it took to execute it. By knowing the exact lengths and amount of lights you’ll need, you can skip the multiple trips back to the store to get more strands and additional supplies.

LEDs have hit the market big time and though they cost a little more upfront, they last much longer than incandescents. LEDs are also significantly more energy efficient and you can recoup the extra cost within two or three years of use. Longevity and efficiency give LED strands the edge, but if you can’t resist the traditional feel of incandescent bulbs, there are still plenty of options for you.

Size does matter when it comes to Christmas lights, but it is always in the eye of the beholder. Mini lights have become the standard house lights over the past years, but the bigger, more retro-style bulbs are coming back into fashion. It’s all about what you like, what suits the style of your house and what you want your final design to look like. Be sure to string only the same types of bulbs together, as they can use different amperage. By plugging the same types of bulbs together and no more than three strands with one plug, you’ll decrease the risk of accidents or inefficiency.

There is a wide variety of light bulbs available, from mini lights to icicles to rope lights. Ropes are great for wrapping posts or creating garland effects. Trees, especially evergreens, tend to look better with bigger bulbs. Mini bulbs are the perfect choice for wrapping trees and branches.

Stringing your lights in the evening, while lit, will make it easier for you to adjust and rehang as necessary to create the perfect effect. Hooks, clips and adhesives will make hanging all of your lights easier without a ton of extra effort. They will help you hang and perfect your lights with seamless spacing around your house and on trees or posts.

Friedman’s has all of the Christmas lights, supplies, and hardware you need to become the brightest house on the block. Come on in and chat with our experts for more tips on how to make your holiday display the best you’ve ever created!