Ready to smoke some ribs or a brisket this weekend but don’t have a smoker? Are you in love with your grill, why wouldn’t you be, and have no desire to part ways with it? Looking for a 100% natural way to add flavor to your favorite meat? Today we bring you two chemical free options, with no additives or preservatives, to add smoke to your existing grill, the A-MAZE-N Smokers and the Smoke Chief Cold Smoke Generator.

The A-MAZE-N Smokers are available in two patented styles, the original A-MAZE-N SMOKER and the A-MAZE-N-TUBE-SMOKER. Both designs fit in most grills with the original A-MAZE-N SMOKER designed to provide smoke for two to twelve hours. That’s enough smoke for some melt in your mouth ribs. The A-MAZE-N-TUBE-SMOKER, as the name implies, has a smaller tube shape, providing two to four hours of smoke depending on the size you go with.

The Smoke Chief Cold Smoke Generator operates differently than the A-MAZE-N Smokers. Instead of being lit and placed in the grill, it sits next to your grill. To operate, simply load it, turn it on and wait for your delicious BBQ to be ready. Whether you’re looking to slow smoke a brisket for twenty hours, or do a quick smoke on some salmon, the Smoke Chief Cold Smoke Generator has you covered.

Both of these products can be used to cold smoke food as well. Cold smoke is a method of adding smoke flavor to all sorts of foods without exposing them to heat. The cold smoke options are limitless: cheese, spices, vegetables, fruits, fish and meats to name a few. While cold smoking adds smoke flavor to food, it does not cook the food. Foods that require cooking prior to consumption should be either brined or cured prior to cold smoking.

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