Spring cleaning is a daunting task for even the pickiest of housekeepers. Spending a weekend or a few days deep cleaning your house may seem like a nightmare, but a good cleanse now will make maintaining your clean much easier in the coming months. Take the time to go beyond your basic dust and vacuum routine and give your house the interior and exterior washing it needs!

People like to attack their cleaning chores in various ways – it all depends on what you like to do. Some like to do all of the same type of chores at once. Dust everything, then do all the toilets, then scrub all the sinks, then vacuum all the floors. Others prefer to go room by room, deep cleaning each one to perfection before moving onto the next. Regardless of how you do it, making a thorough Spring Cleaning checklist ensures you won’t miss anything.

Things like blinds, baseboards, light switches, and door frames get dingy and dirty throughout the course of the year and you don’t even notice! Washing rugs and shampooing the carpets will create a freshness you won’t even know you were missing. Moving furniture to get into hard to reach places will uncover troves of dust bunnies or cobwebs ready to be taken care of.

Don’t forget the outside of your home, either! Cleaning exterior windows will brighten your house and power washing dirt and grime from the siding can help increase your curb appeal. Spring is also the perfect time to attend to your yard and gardens to prepare and prep them for the growing season. Consider cleaning things you never even think of cleaning – like the grill or the garage door – and adding them to your all-inclusive list.

Attacking those ignored and messy spaces and getting them organized is the perfect way to round out your spring cleaning tasks. With good organization, new storage, and a purge of old items, your home will feel larger and neater, and your things will be easier to find!

Deep cleaning takes time and elbow grease, but the general cleaning afterward will be much faster and less intense when you have a sparkling clean slate! Friedman’s has all the cleaning supplies, storage solutions, and tool you’ll need to make your house cleaner than ever this spring.