Spring brings many things – new flowers, longer days, warm breezes, brighter light bulbs. Wait, what? Yes, you read correctly! Doing some spring cleaning inside your home means tackling some chores that are easily forgotten about throughout the year. A deeper clean once a year gives your home a fresh feel that is easier to maintain and not a speck of dust in sight. So throw open those windows, let the fresh air flow in and get ready to do some good old fashioned spring cleaning.

Smoke Detectors: Twice a year, you should change the batteries in your smoke detectors. It’s easy to remember when you plan the change around daylight savings time. Spring forward, change the batteries; fall back, change the batteries. While it may seem like overkill in something that never really gets used, safety is of the utmost concern. After you remove the old batteries out of the smoke detectors and try to use them in other things that require 9 Volt batteries – you may be able to squeeze some extra life out of them!

Dust Light Bulbs: You may go through your house at regular intervals with a dust rag, fluffy thing on a stick, or microfiber cloth. Dusting furniture is common practice, but how often do you dust your light bulbs? Cleaning off the layer of dust on light bulbs can actually brighten them by 20%, especially if they’ve been untouched for a long time. And if you’ve switched to high-efficiency LED or CFL bulbs, you probably don’t need to change them frequently, leaving them susceptible to a good covering of crud. Lamps, light fixtures, and ceiling fans can all benefit from an extra deep clean.

Bathroom Fans: A bathroom fan gets used every day but you probably very rarely look up to see it or even give it a second thought. When you’re in your spring cleaning groove, get on up there and take a good look at it. A good deep cleaning, dusting, or maybe even a replacement. New bathroom fans could provide you with better efficiency and power, leaving you with a fresher bathroom and improve the air quality. They can also prevent excess moisture that can cause problems down the road.

Door Handles: While door handles may seem like a cosmetic change, those cosmetic changes can make a difference in the appearance and functionality of your everyday life. Builder basic brass knobs are outdated and boring. Changing interior handles to levers or a different finish can change the look of a room easily. Those annoying jiggling knobs can be a thing of the past and a good refresh will leave rooms looking like new.

Spring cleaning is the ideal time to look around your house at the things you use all the time but never pay attention to! By taking time to do the jobs right all at once, you can sit back and enjoy a clean home that feels as fresh as the springtime air!