Early spring is a great time to begin prepping for your vegetable garden. Before you get started you should first consider your garden location. How much sun exposure does that area receive? Whether you’re planting in a raised bed, straight into the ground or in containers, you’ll want full sun exposure or 6-8 hours of sunlight.

Next you’ll want to amend your soil. Grab your shovel, rake and hoe and dive into the dirt. We recommend using a few helpful products for your container and amendments to get your soil in the best shape for your veggies. At Friedman’s we like to say, “$5 plant, a $50 hole.” Healthy, strong soil will create beautiful, tasty produce. So don’t skimp on preparing your garden soil or your veggies will suffer the cost.

Soil Amendments for growing directly in the soil or raised beds
1. FoxFarm® Soil Conditioner
2. FoxFarm® Original Planting Mix
3. Worm Castings
4. Miracle-Gro® Garden Soil for Vegetables and Herbs

5. Organic Whitney Farms® Raised Bed Mix

Soil Amendments for Growing in Containers
1. FoxFarm® Ocean Forest® Potting Soil
2. FoxFarm® Strawberry Fields® Potting Soil
3. Black Gold® Natural & Organic Potting Soil Plus Fertilizer

Lastly, you’ll want to consider your watering options. There are many types of irrigation systems, each one is valued, but the choice is based on your needs and preference. Our first recommendation would be drip irrigation. Drip irrigation takes some time to install and set up, but it’s extremely time efficient and saves water. If you can commit to a daily schedule, hand watering is an option. Lots of gardeners find hand watering relaxing. Just remember to water at the soil, and try not to water over the leaves. There are also soaker hoses which slowly emit steady drops of water, gradually and consistently soaking the soil.

With your garden location picked out, soil prepared and irrigation designed you’re ready for some planting. If you want to learn more what’s best to plant for spring, planting for best results and how to handle nasty pests should they arrive to the party; please join us Saturday, March 24th 2018, at 9AM or 1PM. We’ll be sharing our expertise on the basics of vegetable gardening.

Happy Gardening!

The products mentioned above are subject to store’s availability.