With winter quickly approaching, finding fun and/or productive things to do indoors becomes essential to get through the coldest days. While many of us might busy ourselves with elaborate Netflix binging (we’re all guilty), how rewarding would it feel to build something and have that sense of accomplishment? After all, you could conquer winter boredom and knock out a New Year’s resolution or two.

Dremel’s 3 Tool Maker Kit solves winter boredom as well as turns everyone into a “maker” of some sort – watch the video here.

What’s great about Dremel’s Maker Kit is that it represents a good entry point for those of us who may be less handy or are too intimidated to try DIY projects. With its 200-Series two-speed rotary tool, cutting, routing, sanding, and polishing can be done with ease and comfort. Not to mention, the ergonomically optimized design allows any project to be done with maximum precision without making your hands ache. With the engraving tool, you can add your own personal touch to most any surfaces like glass, metal, and stone. But what really adds maximum value to this kit are the 32 accessories. With so many different accessories, you’re sure to have a tool for any occasion.

With the holidays coming up, the Dremel Maker Kit is a great gift for an entry level DIY-er, or even better, contains the tools for you to personalize and even make gifts of your own. If the Dremel Maker Kit is up your alley, Friedman’s has them in stock and we are giving you $30 in savings by allowing you to buy this kit for the low price of $69.99 during our Super Buys Sale.