Tailgating is practically an art form when down well. From preparation to tear down, a great tailgate party requires creativity, planning, and fantastic equipment. By getting everything prepped the night before and planning ahead for all the food and drinks you need you are sure to enjoy every minute every your day instead of stressing over details. Having a quality grill will help take your food and experience to the next level.

You can become a master of your flame with a brand new grill. Friedman’s is proud to carry two new premium brands of grills, ideal for your backyard and tailgate culinary needs. A high-performance grill is sure to take your skills up a notch, letting you accurately control your flame and temperature easily. Take it from backyard to parking lot and impress your tailgating buddies for the ultimate in grilling panache.

Fervor Grills began in Australia, where they just may know a thing or two about the barbeque. Their gas grills are packed with unique features that set them apart from the rest of the grilling competition. A jetforce ignition takes the guesswork out of lighting, with a twist and a click the burner ports instantly ignite and you’re ready to go! The Grillsmart cooking plates drain fat and juices away from the food and into a waste cup, giving you healthier food and less clean up. Fervor has even created a grill hood that cleans up faster than the competition. Easier cleaning and healthier cooking means you’ll get the most out of your Fervor grill – you’ll be wanting to grill up new recipes every day.

Napoleon Grills offer something for everyone. Napoleon’s high end, premium grills give the expert in you the perfect platform to create delicious and unforgettable meals your friends and family will rave about. Featuring a Jeftfire Ignition System and Infrared Burners and Stinless Stele Sear Plates, Napoleon Grills produce a quick and controlled heat and restaurant quality food. They have a variety of grills to match your budget and needs.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a tailgating pro or just an amateur – a top of the line grill will set your game on fire! We have everything you need to become an expert this year, from grills to grilling accessories. It’s time to amp up your skills and with the help of a Fervor or Napoleon grill (and the Experts at Friedman’s), you’ll be grilling it up like you’ve never grilled before!