The Best of KBIS 2020

We recently attended the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), North America’s largest trade show dedicated to every aspect of kitchen and bath design – and what an experience! We had a great time exploring all the innovative new products and features available, as well as getting a preview for the top trends to hit this year. Here are some of the best products and trends we saw:

Color and Personalization Abound

The color trend that really took off last year shows no sign of stopping. We saw vibrant, unique and customizable offerings in every type of product, from tile and faucets to kitchen sinks and range hoods. The demand for color and customization has prompted lead brands to introduce a variety of new finishes, as well as experiment with mixing and matching finishes. Many faucet manufacturers are now offering fully customizable options, including different configurations, finishes, and handles.

Black is still very popular, especially for bathrooms, but we also saw warm, soft tones are on the rise. Numerous products incorporated brass, bronze, and copper, but by far the biggest trendsetter at the show was rose gold. Rose gold is now showing up in natural stone countertops, tile, faucets, fixtures, hardware, and accents. Blue has become its own trend once again, with products of nearly every category featuring the popular hue. One area blue was particularly prominent was in items that take up large portions of space in a room, such as kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, tiling, and wall color.

A Focus on Personal Wellness

Personal wellness has become a huge focus for bathrooms, with many products designed to transform the space into your own personal spa. Bathroom seating that extends beyond the toilet or shower benches is also becoming popular, as are free-standing tubs and small soaking tubs in unique shapes, materials, and designs. Since the shower is one of the easiest spots to incorporate this trend, there’s been a lot of innovation with showerheads in particular. Manufacturers have focused on creating a luxurious showering experience without compromising water conservation. Many showerheads are designed to simulate drenching rain with ultra-soft microdroplets, wide diameter spray discs, and adjustable jets. A variety of special enhancements are being included with showerheads, including soothing steam heads, aromatherapy, unique LED lighting, as well as Smart Home elements like music and temperature presets.

Smart Home Tech on the Rise

Smart Home technology has made its way to every product category, with options being offered by nearly every manufacturer. Voice activation, in particular, is an increasingly popular feature. Faucets, for example, can turn on, dispense a precise amount of water, then turn off with a simple voice command. Likewise, many smart showerheads come with voice activation to allow you to take advantage of a completely personalized and voice-activated shower experience. You can tell them to adjust the temperature, play music, adjust the water pattern, turn on soothing ambient lighting, or even set a timer to curtail longer shower sessions. Many of them also offer convenient integration with your smartphone, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant.

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