To find the best tree for your garden use the following questions to narrow down your choices.

  • Consider your growing area and the size​ of the full-grown tree
  • Timing​ – When will the tree begin to fruit?
  • Chill Hours​ – What’s the total number of hours your area falls between the temperatures of 32 and 45 degrees.
  • Self-fertilizing tree or a tree that requires a pollinator

Planting Tips for Dormant Fruit Trees

  • Prune back all the branches
  • Thin out any weak or crossing branches
  • Soak the roots with a B1 and water solution
  • Dig the hole larger than the root structure
  • Amend the existing soil
  • Plant the tree so the graft is approximately 2” above soil level
  • Water thoroughly to settle soil
  • Support trees for at least the first 3 years.

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