Painting Tips

Educational videos on YouTube and inspiring home-remodel shows on HGTV have created a wave of DIY designers who want to transform their living spaces. For many, a fresh coat of paint is just the thing they need to feel like they’ve created a revitalized bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, or home office.

To offer a little bit of help, here are some painting tips to keep in mind when you plan your next painting project. These instructions and suggestions can save you time and effort while helping you end up with a better looking paint job.Painting

Prepare the surface before painting:
1. Use a caulking gun to caulk all joints, cracks and seams before painting.
2. Use new putty to replace all loose and missing putty before painting the windows.
3. Fill in large holes and cracks on the surface with wood putty.
4. A special V-shaped putty knife makes window puttying easier and professional looking.
5. Use a propane torch and a long-handled scraper to remove old paint.
6. Your power drill and available attachments, make surface preparation easier.

Proven painting pointers:
1. Follow the steps outlined to ensure that your paint is thoroughly mixed.
2. Line your roller tray with aluminum foil to save clean-up time.
3. Use masking tape for a straight line where two colors come together.
4. Always use the flat side of your brush in corners rather than the side.
5. Use diagonal down strokes, horizontal / sideways strokes, or horizontal / back and forth strokes for painting exterior surfaces with a brush.
6. A section of screen will carry lumps of paint to the bottom of the can.
7. Always stroke into wet paint – never away from it.
8. Use a long nap roller for painting wire fences.
9. When using a paint roller, make criss-cross strokes on the area first.
10. Use special rollers for painting beveled or weather-boarded areas.

Cleaning up after the paint job:
1. Use special waterless hand cleaners to quickly and easily remove both latex-base and oil-base paints.
2. Clean your brushes thoroughly after each job, reshaping the bristles to their original shape so you can reuse them.
3. Wash latex paint away with warm water.
4. Clean oil-based paints with paint cleaner or solvent.
5. Clean your rollers the same way you would your paint brushes.

Various paints, painting supplies, paint brushes, paint rollers, and paint cleaners are available at Friedman’s Home Improvement. Come visit any of our stores in Santa Rosa, Sonoma, or Ukiah, and ask any of our friendly Team Member’s to help find the right paint supplies for your project. Friedman’s Home Improvement, where you’ll get the lowest price and local advice.

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