If you’re looking to go beyond the standard greeting card and box of chocolates, consider doing tasks around the house that your honey will appreciate. Completing your honey-do list before you get told to “honey, do!” is the perfect way to say I love you. Whether tackling a long overdue renovation or decluttering a messy space, home improvement is a great gift to give this Valentine’s Day.

If your significant other loves their clothes, installing a new closet will help them get and stay organized. With new shelving, all the clothes, shoes, and accessories can become more manageable and create a neater, more pleasing closet space. Adding custom rods, racks, and even drawers to give everything a proper place will make finding the perfect outfit a breeze. Bonus points if you finish and put away the laundry once you’ve completed the new custom closet!

New flooring can instantly refresh a tired looking space. Scratched, stained, or faded floors can often make a room seem dirty or unsightly, even at its cleanest. Maybe your loved one has always dreamed about switching from carpet to hardwood, or from laminate to bamboo. That shag carpet may have been a pain in their side for decades – that just means it’s time for an update! Friedman’s Experts can help you choose the best flooring for your home and needs and offer tips on installation, care and maintenance.

Changing lighting fixtures is also a quick way to instantly change up the look of a room. Better lighting will create a more pleasing atmosphere, whether it’s in an entertainment room or a bathroom. Perfect lighting will set the mood and add an instant décor change.

If there’s a room in your home that is screaming for organization, maybe it’s time to clean up your disaster zone and make a space everyone can enjoy together. With storage and organizing tools, you can straighten messy spaces and keep them neat and clean easily. Maybe now is the time to tackle that crazy garage, the piled up craft room, or the messy playroom.

Doing a job that you’ve been avoiding is a unique way to celebrate your love, but is sure to be appreciated. Stop on in to any Friedman’s location and let us help you plan and execute the perfect home improvement Valentine’s Day present for your loved one!