Ceiling Fans 101

During hot summer months, many people benefit from the instant cool down brought by ceiling fans. If you have a ceiling fan already installed in your home or apartment, you’re lucky. For those who don’t have a ceiling fan, the idea of installing one can be intimidating. That is why the Xpert Advisors of Friedman’s Home Improvement thought it would be a good idea to explore some basic ceiling fan concepts we’ll call “Ceiling Fans 101”.

Choosing a Ceiling Fan
Choose a ceiling fan that fits the size and style of your room. We have plenty of ceiling fans to choose from at Friedman’s Home Improvement. For additional room lighting, select a ceiling fan with an attached light fixture.

Blades and Motors: What To Look For
A ceiling fan designed for a bathroom is going to be different than a ceiling fan installed in a common area. When looking for ceiling fans, make sure you select the right blades and motors for the environment. For example, wooden blades and a multi-speed motor are better in common areas. Metal blades and a one-speed motor are better installed in bathrooms and other small areas. Also look for ceiling fans with mounting hardware, controls, and a warranty.

What Size Ceiling Fan Is Best?
Long, narrow rooms, or very large rooms can easily contain more than one ceiling fan. Here are some general guidelines for which size ceiling fans are best for certain sized rooms:

● Up to 50-sq.-ft.-room: 30-in. span
● 51- to 100-sq.-ft. room: 36-in. span
● 101- to 200-sq.-ft. room: 42-in. span
● 201- to 400-sq.-ft. room: 52-in. span
● More than 400-sq.-ft. room: 54-in. span

Keeping a Fan Secure
To keep a ceiling fan secure, make sure to attach hanging brackets to the ceiling joist, or some kind of brace bar.

Installation Basics
● Install the ceiling fan as close to the center of the room as possible.
● Blade tips should be at least 18” away from any wall or object.
● Position the fan 7 feet from the floor where it can provide the best circulation.
● If there is an existing ceiling fixture where your ceiling fan will go, you can often use the existing wiring so you won’t have to run a new power line.
● Since ceiling fans are heavy and vibrate when in use, make sure you are working with a UL-listed metal box approved for ceiling fan installation.
● When in doubt, and if you’re not comfortable installing a ceiling fan, contact a local electrician with ceiling fan installation experience.

Fixing a Ceiling Fan That Is Wobbly
To fix a wobbly ceiling fan, try the following tactics:
● Makes sure the blades are in alignment.
● Gently bend any wayward blades back into alignment.
● Try swapping paddles.
● Attach hanging brackets to the ceiling joist.

Whether you are an electrician that installs ceiling fans, or a Do-It-Yourselfer, our friendly and helpful staff is always happy to be of assistance. Our Xpert Advisors can help you gather all the ceiling fan and installation supplies you’ll need at Friedman’s Home Improvement.

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