How to Conserve Pool and Spa Water

Your pool is a fantastic and fun addition to your home, providing entertainment and exercise for the entire family. It can also be a huge water waster! Luckily, there are simple things you can do to help offset evaporation, water loss and waste and still enjoy your beautiful pool.

• Use a pool cover. Not only will a cover help reduce water loss by evaporation, it can also help save on heating and chemicals by containing the pool when not in use. When properly fit, a pool cover can reduce water use by almost 30%. It is also a key feature in keeping your pool safe.
• Repair leaks. Tiny leaks can cause big damage if left untreated. With constant seeping, you could be wasting tens of thousands of gallons a year!
• Turn the temp down. Warmer water evaporates faster. Even setting the pool thermostat down a few degrees will help, and you may not even be able to notice the temperature decrease.
• Turn off water features. Fountains and waterfalls create a great ambiance around the pool area, but can cause quicker evaporation when in use. Turn them on when you need them and off when you don’t.
• Take care of your pool. By cleaning your filter manually and maintaining proper chemical levels, you’ll achieve a healthier, fresher pool while saving water. You’ll avoid having to completely drain the pool or use excessive water to help correct conditions of neglect.
• Keep an eye on your fill level. Avoid overfilling and wasting water, and be sure to plug the overflow line when the pool is in use to keep the water in the pool.
• Say no to tile-spray. Turning off this device can avoid costly evaporation of water before it even hits the tile. Over-spraying can also spray water right out of the pool! • Reevaluate your backwash frequency if you don’t have a separation tank. Many pool owners backwash more frequently than necessary, wasting a ton of water. Some filters don’t even need to be backwashed at all and can be manually taken apart and cleaned. Though less convenient, this can save between 250 and 1,000 gallons!
• And good luck with this one, but try and prohibit extreme splashing, water fights and cannonballs. Water that leaves the pool and hits the deck or lawn is wasted water. But a few gallons given up in the name of fun is probably okay!

It all depends on the type of pool and equipment you have, but implementing even a few of these tips can help save water while still providing the cool oasis you love in the summer.

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