Conserve Your Water and Your Bath!

While quick showers are still the best way to conserve water in your bathroom, you don’t have to give up your occasional long soaks in the tub. Low-flow shower heads can help save water in the shower, but decreasing flow will not help in the tub since baths use a fixed amount of water. But don’t fret – there are still several simple ways you can save some H2O and a little on your water bill in the process!

• Only fill the tub as much as you need. Babies, children, and pets don’t need a full tub and can use much less water than adults. Babies can often be bathed in small baby tubs or even in the sink. Both options are water savers and easier ways to contain and scrub down those wiggly ones! Small pets can also be bathed in sink (or baby tub, for that matter).
• If you have a shower/tub combo, be sure the tub diverter valve, which routes the water to the shower head, is working properly and does not leak. Faulty hardware can end up wasting a whole lot of water.
• If you’re losing water during the bath, ensure your tub’s drain plug has a tight seal. Replacing a plug or a plug washer will keep you from having to refill the tub mid-bath and less water will be wasted.
• Don’t wait until the water is hot to plug the drain. Simply adjust the temperature as needed and save those first few gallons.
• Reuse your bath water! Use it for your lawn, plants, shrubs, or trees. Use an empty gallon jug or watering can to scoop out some water before you drain the tub after your bath. No reason to let that resource go down the drain when your garden could use a little pick me up, too! Just be sure the water doesn’t contain any chemical soaps that could harm plants.

A speedy shower can use around 15-30 gallons of water, and a full tub will require about 70 gallons. You don’t have to give up all of your comforting soaks as long as you’re mindful. Just use some of these tips and enjoy your relaxing bath time a little more because you know you’re doing your part to conserve water!

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