Holiday Prep – Guests are coming!

Ready or not, here they come! If you’ve decided to be the host with most or the hostess with the mostess, your family and friends will be descending upon you soon. By planning ahead, getting organized, and of course shopping at Friedman’s, your holidays will be filled with laughter and cheer with much less stress.

Start with a clean slate – your home should be fresh, warm and inviting. Do your deep cleaning a few days before your gathering and spot clean and touch up the day of your

Friedman's Thanksgiving Turkey

party. This will leave you with less to do on the event day so you can focus on cooking, setting up, and entertaining instead of dusting, vacuuming, and scrubbing. Cleaning as you go in the kitchen will also help avoid that mound of junk in the sink that will have you scrambling to clean or hide when the doorbell rings! We have all the cleaning supplies and equipment you need to make you house sparkle and shine.

Make sure you have enough seats around the table, and it never hurts to plan for a few extra. There’s nothing worse than trying to eat a great holiday meal while balancing your plate, finding a place for your drink, and trying to cut that juicy slab of turkey. Unless you’re planning for a more simple hors d’oeuvres party, ensuring each guest has a seat at a table will make dining easier for everyone. Folding chairs, card tables, and other collapsible-style furniture make storage easy and set-up will be a breeze come party time.

Let’s think about the masterpiece of your Thanksgiving meal – the turkey! Everyone has their own special way to prepare it. But if you’re in the mood to change things up, maybe it’s time to add a turkey fryer or a smoker to your culinary arsenal. Deep fried turkeys stay super moist and get a crispy skin for the ultimate treat. Smoked turkeys also stay moist but add in that sought after smoky flavor that your guests will rave about. Deep frying or smoking your turkey not only makes it something special, it also frees up valuable oven space! Deep frying or BBQing turkeys can pose a few safety risks like fires, so make sure you have the proper equipment, fire extinguishers, and important cooking tips on hand before you get started.

Finally, soak in the California fall and winter with some time on your patio or deck. A patio heater (or two) will ensure the comfort of your guests without the hassle of a bonfire. Patio heaters are portable, easy to use, and provide ample heat on cooler nights. Available in gas, propane, or electric, an outdoor heater will be used year round for all your get-togethers, not just winter holidays!

Entertaining your friends and family can be a rewarding and fun way to celebrate all the holidays of the season. Start planning now and head to Friedman’s for more tips, tricks and ideas to make your holiday party the best one yet!

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