Lighting: Understanding the different Fixtures Shapes and Forms

When designing the perfect room, lighting can make a dramatic difference between “nice”, “fabulous”, and “OMG WOW!”. To help you select the correct lighting for your perfect room, Friedman’s Home Improvement and the American Lighting Association want to help you understand the different fixtures, shape, and forms available.

First, let’s look at the most common types of lighting fixtures, which include:
• Bath/Vanity Fixtures
• Ceiling-Mounted Fixtures
• Chandeliers
• Hall/foyer fixtures
• Pendants
• Portable Lighting
• Rail Lighting
• Recessed Lighting
• Table Lamps
• Track Lighting
• Undercabinet Lighting
• Wall-Mounted Fixtures

The shape of your lighting is important, depending on if you want the light fixture to be a focal point and if you want it to match other shapes within your room. Here are some suggestions for light fixtures based on shapes:

Triangular — chandeliers, portable lighting, wall-mounted fixtures, table lamps

Circular / Round — bath/vanity fixtures, ceiling-mounted fixtures, chandeliers, hall/foyer fixtures, pendants, portable lighting, rail lighting, table lamps, wall-mounted fixtures

Square / Rectangular — bath/vanity fixtures, ceiling-mounted fixtures, hall/foyer fixtures, portable lighting, rail lighting, recessed lighting, table lamps, track lighting, undercabinet lighting, wall-mounted fixtures

Odd / Novelty Shapes — chandeliers, pendants, portable lighting, table lamps, wall-mounted fixtures

Next to consider when choosing lighting is the form. Form is closely linked with function, so choose the lighting to match your needs. For example:
• Is the lighting fixture meant to be permanent or portable?
• Is the light fixture powered by electrical current, solar energy, or batteries?
• Is the light fixture intended to help set a mood, or serve as a bright, shadow removing light that makes it much easier to cook, read, or work?

When you need help with choosing lighting fixtures for your home or office, our friendly and helpful staff is always happy to be of assistance. Our Xpert Advisors can help you gather all the light fixtures, batteries, electrical outlets, light bulbs, tools, and supplies you’ll need at Friedman’s Home Improvement.

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