Solving Common Exterior Painting Problems

Is the paint on the exterior of your house looking a little… well,… sad? Maybe you have some exterior painting problems that need solving. You’re not alone. Many buildings have special challenges regarding their exterior paint, and Friedman’s Home Improvement has some tips for solving common exterior painting problems.

Tip 1: Make sure to properly prepare the surface before painting.

Oftentimes, we get into a rush and just want to get the outside of the house painted…darn it! For many Do It Yourselfers, they have limited time and mistakenly think that they can hurry through the preparation phases before slapping on a couple coats of fresh paint. That’s only setting yourself up for bigger problems later. Make sure you take the time to first:

• Fill in dents and cracks in the wood with wood filler or patching compound.
• Sand the dry surface with 180-grit paper and wipe away the dust.
• Thoroughly clean dust and debris from exterior walls, woodwork and door frames.
• Prime your glossy surfaces to promote adhesion of the top coat.

Tip 2: Prevent and remove mold and algae.

In damp climates, mold and algae can become a colorful problem in shades of green, red, or brown. To prevent algae, try to keep the area as clean and dry as possible. However, if algae sets in, it can be removed by sanding it off, then swabbed in bleach (1 part bleach to 3 parts water). Prime with either oil or latex primer depending on requirements.

Tip 3: Prevent and remove peeling paint (also known as “alligatoring”).

Alligatoring is an adhesion problem, often caused by painting the exterior when the wood is too cold. As the temperatures change, the wood flexes and causes the paint to peel in an un-uniform fashion. To solve it, sand off and scrape all loose paint. Spot prime bare areas. Paint with a high quality exterior paint and follow all label instructions.

Tip 4: Prevent and remove wrinkling.

In our haste to complete our painting tasks, we may be guilty of causing a wrinkling effect. Wrinkling is caused by having paint coats that are too thick and the result is ridges and furrows because the paint dried unevenly. To solve it, sand thoroughly after allowing ample dry time. Coating may require other removal methods, such as chemical stripping, to quickly reach original surface.

Anytime you need help solving exterior painting problems, our friendly and helpful staff is always happy to be of assistance. Our Xpert Advisors can help you gather all the paint and painting supplies you’ll need at Friedman’s Home Improvement.

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