Water-Saving Showerheads

Changing your showerhead is a fast and simple way to decrease water usage inside your home. Particularly if you have an older home with an outdated showerhead, you could be using more water than you really need every time you hop into the shower. New showerheads can be inexpensive and help you save water by lowering the flow to 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm) or less. Many homes even go to a lower gpm simply out of preference – in 1999, the national average was 2.22 gpm!

When its time to replace your showerhead, you can also consider one with an on-off switch. This switch allows you to pause the water flow while you lather and wash without losing the temperature or pressure. With just the flick of the switch, you can turn the water off while you soap and scrub and turn it back on to rinse off. By only using the water when you actually need it instead of having it constantly run, you could conserve considerable amounts of water, which is important every day, but especially in times of drought.

Once youve got your new low-flow shower head with the on-off switch, there is still a few additional things to save some buckets of water, including literally saving buckets of water! By keeping a bucket at your feet, it can fill with excess water which you can use to water plants, gardens or to clean with. You can also make showering into a competition. Compete with other members of the house and time your shower – quickest one in and out gets a prize. Or bragging rights. Or both!

Saving water in the shower is easy with just a few simple tricks and a new or adjustable showerhead. Being conscious of your water usage throughout your house is a fantastic way to help the environment, especially in drought conditions. The money youll save is just an additional bonus!

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