In an effort to better serve our customers and give them the most flexible experience possible, you can now pay your invoices online! Our E-Pay portal allows you to keep track of your purchases, view and export your invoices, pay your bills online, and manage your forms of payment. Scroll down to learn more.

Right now this portal is only available for our Ukiah customers. To learn more, click here.

Account Login

Creating a customer account with E-Pay is easy. In fact, if you are an existing Ukiah customer currently using our existing online portal, you already have an E-Pay customer account! Simply check your inbox for an email from us and it’ll walk you through the steps to activating your account. If you don’t already have an existing customer account with Friedman’s or you did not receive an email, simply click the “Sign Up” button above or click here.

Account Registration

You can also use your E-Pay account to view your invoices. Don’t ever lose track of an invoice again. For any projects under your account, this provides valuable project and requisition transparency.

Invoice History

Last but not least, Friedman’s E-Pay portal allows you to make payments without having to walk into the store. Pay your invoice using your credit card on our secure payment portal. If you have multiple employees using your account, you don’t have to worry about sorting out expenses or having to use the same card. Simply add additional credit cards and reimburse your team later. More questions? Feel free to reach out and someone will get to you shortly.