The age old adage of work harder, not smarter can help you get your household chores done faster. With equipment that takes your elbow out of elbow grease, you’ll be done with your to-do list in no time, with energy to spare. Handy helpers like Shopvacs, sprayers, or power washers making cleaning a breeze, and dare we say, even fun!

Perfect for workrooms and garages, a Shopvac can suck up all the dust, debris and spills. Since Shopvacs can handle wet and dry things, they are a perfect companion in messy situations. If you need a small capacity one for in-home use or an extra large one for job sites or big workshops, a Shopvac will be the cleaning sidekick you always wanted. Clean-ups become a breeze – even the messiest ones – giving you more time to focus on projects or fun things. Easy to empty and often with additional attachments for different surfaces, a wet-dry vacuum is a practical addition to every cleaning arsenal.

Power washers or sprayers make cleaning siding, decks, patios, and sheds a snap. Powerful water blasts off the dirt, moss, and pollen that clings to outdoor surfaces. Your house can look brand new with a good power shower! It would take hours or even days to scrub all of that by hand, and nobody has time for that! With a power washer, that task can be finished in less than an afternoon. A quick spray can loosen and wash away dirt and grime from garage floors, driveways, and sidewalks.

Tools that make cleaning up inside and outside your home can turn chores into easy, quick jobs. Super powered vacuums and washers get your spaces cleaner, faster. Come into one of our many Friedman’s Home stores to learn more about the products we have and talk to one of our Experts to see which is best suited for your needs. Faster cleaning means your honey-do list can be completed faster, giving you more time for the fun stuff this summer!